Walking improves your health

Walking has numerous health benefits and is a low-impact exercise. Walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise. Walking is a low-impact gentle exercise that can lead you into a higher level of fitness and health. Here are more reasons why walking is good for you, and how to get started with a […]

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Visual board exercise to help keep focus

Visualization is one of the most powerful mental exercises you can do. When you visualize, you emit a powerful frequency into the universe. A visual board is a visualization tool that helps focus your mind towards reaching your goals. You might say it funnels your efforts towards achieving your goals because you are intensely focused […]

Top 6 diet for weight loss

Weight loss plans are great in number. It can be very difficult to decide which plan to follow. All programs promise to help you lose weight quickly and easily. They tell you that it is easy to follow, and guaranteed to produce results. The top diets for weight loss can be considered with an eye […]

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How to stop overeating

Most people have been told to eat everything on their plate since they were little and now follow that pattern but how would they break this bad habit? Are you ready to break the habit of over eating? Many people suffer from mindless eating from childhood and as an result gain unwanted weight. If you […]

Boost Juice (Healthy Option)

How to diet on healthy juice

Unlike various programs that require meal plans, this weight loss diet does not require spending a lot of money or spending a lot of time. Jump start juicing to lose weight with a low cost juice machine. One way to use a healthy juice to help with weight loss is to start a short juice […]


Stress and anxiety can lead to gain weight

Stress and Anxiety plays a major part in weight gain in most individuals. This is because emotional and physical stress initiates the release of various hormones in our system. Stress hormones produce energy and adjust the body’s metabolism and blood flow. For people undergoing physical stress, cortisol is secreted by the body. Cortisol stimulates the […]


Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a relative of hypnosis. It simply replaces a hypnotherapist or other qualified individual with the client. In other words, the hypnotist is also the client. Self hypnosis, like hypnosis, is tool of self discovery and awareness. It is a means through which anyone can access the subconscious mind. You do so deliberately […]


Reduce fat intake and gain focus

Fat is the greatest problem that must be subjugated if you want to gain the best weight possible. It is very important to reduce weight or eliminate out of your body. If you can win the battle against fats, you are winning the weight loss program and will gain focus on your life not worrying […]


Reduce alcohol intake

Health experts will want you to understand that alcohol intake is beneficial to your health as long as it is consumed in small quantity. Alcohol though produced from natural ingredients, when taken in excess will highly affect your body’s ability to burn up excess fat and in turn reduce your chances of getting a trimmer […]


Overcoming the Fear of Failure & Criticism of weight loss

Are you fearful of losing weight and not following through? Are you surrounded by negative people? This article is for you.¬†Always believe that every thing is always base on your mindset i.e overcoming the fear of failure and criticism when trying to reduce weight is base on your mindset and believe. What is weight loss? […]


New healthier you: tips to become a new healthier you

Are you looking to get into better shape and become healthier? There is so much information out there that it can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to better yourself. The following article will help you get started on your journey to better health. The first thing you should do when beginning your journey […]


Ketosis diet and health benefits

Ketotic diets are sometimes referred to as ketogenic diets or very low carbohydrate diets. Ketosis is a biochemical phenomenon that occurs in hunger or extreme restriction of carbohydrates, but the word should not be confused with ketoacidosis, which happens to diabetics when their blood sugar gets out of control. Ketoacidosis is dangerous, but only in […]


Increase your water intake

Adequate hydration is vital because your body is 60% water. A person’s water intake need varies by age, activity level such as exercise, weight, medical condition, and environment (hot or cold weather). Make sure you remain hydrated after you exercise, sweat excessively, if you have fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. According to the Institute of Medicines’ […]


Increase your motivation to exercise

Lack of motivation is usually the biggest problem for people who are struggling to keep fit and lose those extra kilos. They tend to lose the initial enthusiasm they had when they first decided to join the gym. Exercise motivation is what can sustain the initial enthusiasm until the exercise becomes an automatic task in […]